Once I submit my DSF Application, when can I expect to hear from DSF?

DSF will communicate with you via email, text messages (if you agree), and the DSF Student Portal at  It is your responsibility to update your contact information, especially your email address and phone number.  Log into your DSF Student Portal to update your contact information, if needed.  

You should receive an automated email confirmation when your DSF application has been submitted.  If you don't receive this confirmation, please return to the student portal and make sure your application was submitted.

We will notify you via email in April if we have not received your FAFSA confirmation (for students who are eligible for federal student aid).  Otherwise, we will inform you at the end of May whether you will be considered a DSF Finalist.  There will be additional requirements you will be required to meet after you submit your DSF application.

We make final determinations on who will qualify for a scholarship award beginning in mid-August after we confirm financial aid file completion and enrollment information.

If you have questions, please contact us at or 303-640-6564.  Don't wait until after a deadline passes to ask your questions!


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